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Ipods Over Boys!!

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new [Apr. 2nd, 2008|04:54 pm]
Ipods Over Boys!!
[music |"Fernando Pando" The Virgins]

How many total songs? 1115(but i have about 30gb of video)

Sort by Title: First and Last
Sugababes // About you now
Bowling For Soup // 1985

Sort by Time: First and Last
R-Kelly // Trapped In The Closet (47:41)

Sort by Album: first and last
Aly & AJ // Acoustic hearts of winter
The Virgins // '07

Top Ten Most Played Songs:
1. Nada Surf // Weightless
2. Grace Potter and the nocturnals // Apologies
3. Aly & AJ // Rush
4. Jacks Mannequin // The Mixed Tape
5. Motion City Soundtrack // This is for Real
6. Panic At the disco // nine in the afternoon(live from the reading festival)
7. Say Anything // Alive With The Glory Of Love
8. Ok Go // Here it goes again
9. Pete Francis // Untold
10. Vanessa carlton // nolita Fairytale

find "sex", how many songs showed up? 6(All Justin Timberlake)

find "death", how many songs showed up? 15 (Death Cab For A Cutie)

find "love", how many songs showed up? 65