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Hey! Newbie here! [Jun. 7th, 2008|09:22 pm]
Ipods Over Boys!!


[music |CSI: Miami]

I'm 18 from Michigan. I own an 8 GB I believe second generation iPod Nano named "Saucy" don't ask my friend named it.

How many songs: 1708

Sort by Title: First and Last

First: Separation of Church and Skate x NOFX
Last: Davy Jones x POTC (yes I'm a geek!)

Sort by Time: First and Last

First: Introduction x Panic! At The Disco (0:37)
Last: Won't Get Fooled Again x The Who (8:36)

Sort by Album: First and Last

First: Acoustic Soul x India.Arie
Last: Your Stories, My Alibis x Matchbook Romance

Top Ten Most Played Songs:
1. The Way You Look Tonight x Frank Sinatra
2. You Had Me At Hello x A Day To Remember
3. Cassie x Flylear
4. Goodbye Mr. A x The Hoosiers
5. Halo x Haley James Scott
6. Abra Cadaver x The Hives
7. Cry x Faith Hill
8. Hide and Seek x Imogen Heap
9. I Should Be So Lucky x Kylie Minogue
10. Hot Patootie x Meat Loaf

Find "sex", how many songs showed up? 28

Find "death", how many songs showed up? 12

Find "love", how many songs showed up? 117